I am both a designer and a researcher.  Currently, I'm working as a research project manager at the HCII where I design novel intervention tools for nudging the painless adoption of cybersecurity best practice tools by users.

Isadora Krsek

As a second year PhD student in the HCII, I currently research and design novel interventions that help to make users' adoption of expert-recommended cybersecurity tools & best practices painless.




UX/UI, Cybersecurity Research, social influence

Adulting 101 App

An app for anyone who wants to learn everything it seems like other adults already seem to know. Through daily tasks this app will help guide you step by step through everything you need to know as a responsible adulting, from cooking to finances.

oct. 2020 – present

UX/UI, Cybersecurity Research, transformational game


An RPG style web-based transformational game, meant to encourage longterm positive cybersecurity behavior change in players, through empowering them with confidence drawing on Albert Bandura’s principles for self-efficacy design.

july 2020 – present

UX/UI, Cybersecurity Research, social influence


A chromium-browser based plugin for helping internet users’ make informed decisions concerning the configuraiton of their online accounts’ security & privacy settings. Through showing them the opinions of peers and cybersecurity experts, we aim to encourage users to adopt more secure setting configurations and behaviors.

june 2019 – 2022