I am both a designer and a researcher.  Currently, I'm working as a research project manager at the HCII where I design novel intervention tools for nudging the painless adoption of cybersecurity best practice tools by users.

Isadora Krsek

As a first year PhD student in the HCII, I currently research and design novel interventions that help to make users' adoption of expert-recommended cybersecurity tools & best practices painless.




UX/UI, Cybersecurity Research, social influence

Adulting 101 App

A mobile app with covert intentions to improve young adult’s adoption of expert recommended security & privacy tools/practices through mixing cybersecurity with daily self-improvement tasks, and reinforcing changes by leveraging peer influence.

oct. 2020 – present

UX/UI, Cybersecurity Research, transformational game


An RPG style web-based transformational game, meant to encourage longterm positive cybersecurity behavior change in players, through empowering them with confidence drawing on Albert Bandura’s principles for self-efficacy design.

july 2020 – present

UX/UI, Cybersecurity Research, social influence


A chromium-browser based plugin for helping internet users’ make informed decisions concerning the configuraiton of their online accounts’ security & privacy settings. Through showing them the opinions of peers and cybersecurity experts, we aim to encourage users to adopt more secure setting configurations and behaviors.

june 2019 – 2022